The first reason is direct experience. As soon as we start to look inside the body we find it has no limits. Whatever technique we use, yoga, meditation, dance, massage of course, but also sports for example, a little practice and honest sensitivity opens up realms of mystery and wonder. As we focus on the feelings of being alive, apparently simple sensations run ever deeper and become more and more intimately connected. The depth of these inter-connections seems to have no limits. This website and the practice of psychic massage, is a celebration of sensitivity without limit, of profound, ever deepening and widening inter-connection, of giver and receiver enjoying and exploring the same dance.

How We 'See' Our Bodies

star body

By talking to each other and agreeing, more or less, on how things are, we use the amazing power of our brains to construct an abstract model in which to live.


This model mostly consists of separate objects, including our bodies, even, supposedly, our selves. It is very powerful and allows us to live in the everyday world. Because the model in our brains is so powerful, it becomes very easy to be trapped here, to see ourselves just as separate beings in a vast, and mostly hostile, universe, our ‘selves’ held together by a very fragile little ego that seems to feel itself continually under threat.


Some people say this is all there is, that the only way we can know the world is through this model.


I think there is more to it than that for two main reasons.

One property in particular is important for life. Particles can become tangled up with each other so they dance together even though one may be in your head and the other in a star the other side of the galaxy. This is called quantum coherence, famously denied and then proven by Einstein and others. Lots of particles, or waves, can become tangled up in this way and dance together effortlessly, all doing their own thing but shimmering and emitting light. There is strong evidence that this is the natural state of living organisms. See the work of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and her book ‘The Rainbow and the Worm’ with its’ accompanying video.


Life’s beautiful dance waxes and wanes. It is diminished by stress but enhanced by releasing that stress and further enhanced by supportive practice. Psychic massage is one of those supportive practices.


mac - October 2017

The second reason is that, when we look really, really closely at the world of objects it becomes very strange indeed. It becomes impossible to pin anything down. Little particles can be things and waves at the same time. They seem to be everywhere at once and to know when we are looking at them. It becomes obvious that consciousness and ‘objects’ are not at all separate. Things can be here, not here and not, not here all at the same time. Looked at closely the world is about as strange as it can possibly get, and then stranger. Far, far removed from the model of self contained objects we use for everyday negotiation. Yet this is what we, our bodies, brains, feelings and indeed the whole universe, is made of. 

"Who looks out with my eyes?" Rumi