"As soon as Jaran lays his hands on you relaxation begins to spread from his hands to your body. A wonderful experience." 

K.S. - Bordeaux France

"Un festival sublime de espacioso y asentador amor." 

Jose-Luis Cabezas Munoz - Ibiza Spain

"Very nuturing." 

Y. Wilson - London

"Each massage I had with Jaran was different, and perfect. His ability to feel what the body needed and the feeling of loving attention from his large, caring hands deeply nurtured me. Thanks." 

Tim Mitchell - Melbourne Australia

"Jaran has an amazing intuitive sense that he brings to each massage. He asks what you'd like him to focus on but really ends up listening to your body and where the attention is needed. Relaxing and re-invigorating massage experience." 

Kat Karpati - San Francisco