What is This Massage?

Psychic massage aims to treat the whole person, the psyche.

It works on many levels at once -


    As a body massage, oil on skin, it releases muscles and fascia and opens joints.

    On an energetic level it aligns energy flows and releases blockages.

    On an emotional level it clarifies and releases feelings.

    On a spiritual level it helps us feel connected, not separate.

    Touch need not stop at the skin. It can, if gentle enough, go deep into the heart.


As a result it allows the body to heal itself by feeling connected and re-balanced.

The sense of touch reminds us of what it feels like to be alive, both wonderful and mysterious. It is deeply intuitive. I look for feelings of connection and space and to offer those growing feelings back to the receiver as part of the dance of life. 


I see my job to be indifferent, to act as a kind of mirror without any judgement merely echoing whatever occurs under these hands. It is impersonal , deeply meditative and a source of great joy.

head massage

"Warm hands, warm heart" 

Tady Tadeas - Prague - Czech Republic