We spend a little time at the beginning talking about your current situation; what you are looking for from the session and any special concerns, your job, key relationships and, in the broadest sense, spiritual practice.
​Then you, the recipient, take of as many clothes as you feel comfortable with and lie, covered, on the table. I, the giver, spend a few minutes getting in sync with you.
We then talk about which parts of the body will be uncovered and touched. It is often not necessary, or even fruitful to massage the whole body. You will be encouraged throughout to make your wishes clear so they can be respected. 


The massage takes place using, normally, coconut oil on skin.


At the end we may talk a little further. 


After each session you are invited to rest for a few minutes before returning to the world where it's often a good idea to take a gentle stroll before diving back into your life.




The Process