I've been studying various forms of massage over the last 20 years and have trained in swedish massage and explored Shiatsu, Thai and some Aruyvedic techniques.


I am also a dedicated yogi, a senior Teacher of the Dynamic Yoga Training Method and deeply involved in meditative practice.


This led me, via Osho, to meet Ma Sagarpriya De Long with whom I have been working over the past few years. Sagarpriya is a world-leading expert on intuitive touch and impersonal bodywork and has written two books on Psychic Massage. Through her I became a sannyasin and took my new name.


My main interest is in using intuitive massage as part of a joint process between giver and receiver to help reveal something about the current moment.

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About Jaran

"Jaran's ability to listen and respond with touch to the subtle messages of the body reminds me of someone who has mastered the art of playing an instrument. Extraordinary!"

Jana Kukurova - Newcastle